The best marketing automation software and tools to use in 2020

Marketing automation is something that started out small, and within a short period of time it skyrocketed to a billion-dollar market. At the moment, it is estimated that more than 60% of the marketing leaders are already using marketing automation platforms with many more planning to join the pack. This is a technology with a rapidly growing number of users day by day, and if you’re not one of them, you might be missing out on a lot.

While marketing had absolutely no voice in the technology world, we have seen things changing and keeping up with the trend. Right now, it’s so much easier to manage marketing data no matter the size of the company or the number of people involved.  Speaking of marketing, have you tried Windermere Pest Control? This is the best and most reliable solution for pest control that you will ever find.

With that said, the emergence of technology in the marketing world brought along marketing automation software and tools. There are very many software solutions out there, and for that reason, we will enlighten you on the best that you can use in 2020. This way, you will feel more confident when picking out the best marketing automation software. Without further talk, let’s dive right into it;

What to look for when choosing or picking out the best marketing automation software

The pricing

The thing about marketing solutions is that their pricing is not always crystal clear. If you’re not careful and too keen, then you will find yourself paying additional costs for specific features and add-ons. There is really no doubt that the marketing automation software and tools provide so much value to a business or company. Though all this comes at a high cost that can reach ludicrous amounts of money. To be on safe side, read the pricing page very carefully to understand the total costs your company will incur.


Look around you and within seconds you will find hundreds of marketing automation software. That’s why usability is utterly important. It’s what determines how much value you and your team will get out of this system. You are getting marketing automation software to make things easier for you and your team and not endure more headaches.  Therefore, ensure the software is intuitive, and you don’t need so much training to learn how to use it effectively. 

Integration with your software

This is another vitally important factor to consider. There is marketing automation software or tools that allow only a few third-party apps. This might be an inconvenience to your organization.

Customer support

The importance of these kinds of systems represents in your company or business call for persistent and swift customer support. Hence, choose a readily available automation provider, works around broad hours and can be reachable through a direct phone call as opposed to emails which may take some time.


A good marketing automation software allows you to customize certain things to meet your specific needs and preferences. Check for the attributes you require before making a purchase.

The best marketing automation software to use in 2020


Many people consider Autopilot to be among the most visually appealing automation solutions out there. This platform makes it incredibly easy to create quite a great email automation sequences complete with emojis and stickers. Your team will not break a sweat when collaborating on building email sequences.  It’s used mostly for messaging and targeting but also works pretty fine for creating autoresponders set on a time-sequence.


ActiveCampaign is one of the top and reknown marketing automation platforms in the market today.  Their trademark is in their powerful marketing automation functionality and this is what puts it on the list of the top rated in the market in terms of deliverability. The fact that they are always releasing new features immensely helps marketing teams to build even the most complex automation sequences.  There is generally nothing to complain about on this platform. Even their prices are way better than the competitors.


While SendinBlue may not come with all the bells and whistles, it’s actually quite a powerful marketing automation tool. For starters, the software is not even close to being complicated. This means you won’t be wasting most of your time contacting support or reading through hefty documentation just to understand how to use it. Their deliverability is also quite impressive and will most certainly meet your expectations. The only drawback would be the limit imposed on the number of emails you can send. Overall, this is a fairly easy to use marketing automation platform with great features you probably won’t find elsewhere.


Omnisend is a marketing automation tool designed for eCommerce purposes. Well, the eCommerce market is a competitive one, and for this reason, it’s important to keep up with the trends. Omnisend has everything you are looking for in a platform. For instance, you have the opportunity to add several channels in one automation workflow, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, email, and so much more.  With all this, eCommerce marketers will have no trouble automating their services across various channels. There are also pre-built templates that make the work way more straightforward and simple. The only drawback with the platform is the cost which is not that cheap compared to its counterparts.


This is basically a business marketing automation software designed for small businesses and solopreneurs. It may be just what you need when starting a small business, especially because it has quite good automation functionality and CRM. There are lots of other features that will be of great help in running your business, including landing pages, reporting, email marketing, eCommerce, and so much more. Furthermore, Ontraport is a platform that gives focus and value to reporting and insights. These are critical factors for the growth of a business. You also get the very rare opportunity to view the performance of your campaigns


There are literally many marketing automation tools but picking out the best is what will save you and your team a lot of headaches and frustrations.

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